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About me

My path to the profession

It all started with my daughter. Until the second grade (according to the English system), she had no problems with academic performance. There were some "strange things", for example, sometimes she read well, with expression, and sometimes - very badly. Or she memorized the spelling of words for the dictation, and then immediately forgot them. I attributed this to her age -7 years and fatigue. Yet she was in academic performance in the middle of the class.


But in the third grade, a serious regression began: reading completely went wrong. She read the simplest books  Early reader level and made a lot of mistakes in every word. I counted only using my fingers and made mistakes. Learned the multiplication table  2 times, each time starting over...


I didn't understand what was happening. And then one day, the teacher hinted to me that my daughter might have dyslexia. I began to look for information about dyslexia and it shocked me!  Problems remain for life, that it is completely impossible to get rid of the symptoms, and you need to learn to live with it ... I could not believe that my girl, who is so smart in everything else that does not concern study, will not be able to master the basic skills of reading and counting. How will she live? It turns out that educational opportunities are closed to her? And  her anxiety began to increase against the background of a decrease in self-esteem ...


But I couldn't give up and give up! I searched, searched, searched... how can I help her? The main methods that the Internet suggested to me were based on repetition. We tried them, they exhausted us both, and the effect was almost zero.


When I accidentally stumbled upon the 30-hour dyslexia correction program on the Internet, I was very skeptical. But, like a drowning man clutching at straws, I decided to read about the method. The correction method is described in detail in Ronald Davies' book The Gift of Dyslexia. And the more I read, the more I fell in love with this book!

I liked everything: detailed description  the psychology of the emergence of problems, the very postulate that dyslexia is a gift, a gift of creative three-dimensional imagination! I immediately went to my daughter and checked:  

  - If you have such a good imagination, as described in the book, here I am standing in front of you, you can imagine what I look like, for example,  from the back?

The daughter was very surprised by the question and answered:

- Not.

Which really surprised me! I began to think that maybe everything works differently for her, but then my daughter added:

- Mom, when I miss you at school, I sometimes imagine you upside down! ...


It became clear that imagination - creative, three-dimensional, as described in Ron's book - is available. The only thing left is to find a specialist to carry out a correction program ...


I attended  on the correction program with her daughter. I enjoyed every moment and every word! After that, the understanding came that I also want to help children get rid of learning problems with the help of the same wonderful imagination!


I went to study at Davis Learning foundations.  This is  time was special for me. Because people of amazing kindness studied with me! We all gathered in this place to learn how to help people with dyslexia achieve academic results, strengthen their faith in themselves and their abilities, and give them a chance for positive changes!


For two years, I studied theory and honed the acquired knowledge through many hours of practice. And finally, in September 2019, I received the long-awaited license!


Since then, I have helped many children. But so far, the most wonderful  for me is the moment when I see how the child has changed after the program! How he, as he completes his homework, changes and changes his attitude towards himself, and to life, and to study!

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