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Программы коррекции проблем обучения по методу Рональда Дейвиса

Davis Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD correction programmes


Программа коррекции дислексии


Программа коррекции внимания при СДВ(Г)


 Программа коррекции проблем в математике

Практический курс для родителей и учителей о дислексии


Мои клиенты об результатах

I highly recommend Elena as a dyslexia correction facilitator! Elena is very caring, patient, responsible and do more and beyond during the program. Elena’s family experience of dealing with dyslexia makes it even more valuable as she truly understands children and parents in this situation. My daughter has other neurological issue and I was not sure if the program would suit her, Elena made the assessment and reassured of the benefits. I am very happy she did and we completed the program as this is truly the best learning experience for my 13 years old daughter.

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